City of Cape Town Contacts

Call: 021 480 7700 - from your mobile
        107 - from a landline

Service Delivery Problems:
The best way to submit a critical service delivery problem or fault is to use the City's online portal


Download the App “MyCapeTown - Fault Reporting”

Download it on your phone via Google Play.
This can be used to log a variety of problems directly with The City.
All incidents in our area can be logged on the Ward 74 Channel and a reference number will be allocated.
Using this reporting system ensures that your contact details are logged & you will receive a reference number to track progress.

You can use this system to send requests to the correct line department, or report issues such as:

  • leaking water pipes
  • no power or electricity / unscheduled outages
  • blocked stormwater drains
  • uncollected refuse or waste
  • tree removal and cutting
  • illegal dumping
  • noise nuisances
  • graffiti and stolen or vandalised City property
  • unruly or inappropriate behaviour
  • problem buildings
  • speeding and traffic offences

Water and Sanitation:
Telephone: 0860 103 089 / SMS: 31373 (free SMS's do not apply)

🆘  The City of Cape Town's 24-hour Customer Relations call centre has relaunched its WhatsApp channel for all water related queries. The relaunch of the channel will make it easier for residents to contact the City and request assistance.
📳  The new Customer Relations WhatsApp channel is now available on 060 018 1505. Residents can scan the QR code to easily add the number to their contacts.
✅  Once the City receives the service request, the customer will receive an automated response via WhatsApp to confirm that the call centre has received the message.
🔎  Residents must please ensure that their service requests include detailed information. If the request is linked to a specific property, the City will need the property address, erf number or municipal account number to process the request.


Roads and stormwater (potholes / flooding / fallen trees / open manholes / chemical spills)
Telephone: 0800 656 463
Log a service request via:
Group = Roads & Stormwater (Flooding)
Service = Flooding of property/Flooding of Road/Request for sandbags

Blocked sewerage manholes
SMS 31373
Log a service request via:
Group = Sewer
Service = Sewer: Blocked/Overflow

Fallen trees and branches
Log a service request via:
Group = City Parks (Maintenance)
Service = Tree removal/Branch removal (Fallen/Broken)

Electricity service faults
SMS: 31220 (free SMS's do not apply) include your account or meter number, physical address, description of your fault or query and alternate contact number if available.

Illegal occupancy / land invasion
24-hour hotline: 021 596 1999

Cable theft
Telephone: 0800 222 771

Traffic signal faults
24 hour telephone: 0800 656 463

Metro Police and Traffic Services
Telephone: 0860 765 423

Streetlights not working
SMS 31373
Log a service request via:
Group = Electricity (Street Lighting)
Service = All streetlights are out/ Individual streetlights are out

Wheelie Bin replacement:
If your wheelie bin is stolen or lost, you can apply for a new one - Find out more here
The registered property owner or property managing agent must download and fill in the Supply of Services Application Form (English | Afrikaans | isiXhosa). Please ensure that you fill in all the sections related to refuse removal. If you are renting, you will need to submit a letter of authority from the property owner or managing agent with your application form.
If your bin has been stolen, you will need to report the theft of your bin at the nearest SAPS office to obtain an affidavit.

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