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SEBCID was established on 1 July 2020. A Community Improvement District (formerly known as a Special Rating Area or SRA) refers to a clearly defined geographical area in which property owners contribute additional rates to fund "top up" services for that specific area as per an approved Business Plan.

It is the responsibility of local authorities to provide residents with basic services such as water, electricity, sanitation and refuse removal, etc. For communities who wish to enjoy additional or enhanced services, a CID provides the framework to pay for and deliver such services.

A CID is always initiated by a community, not by the City, and is typically started by a group of local "champions" who are motivated to improve the environment within a defined area.

By pooling their resources in a CID, individual property owners can enjoy the collective benefits of a well managed area, a shared sense of communal pride, safety and social responsibility, and access to joint initiatives such as waste recycling, energy-efficiency programs, etc.

SEBCID's journey commenced in February 2018 when a group of residents came together with the aim of establishing a CID for our area. A survey was conducted in June/July 2018 to establish what improvements residents would like to see and the results of this, along with a general introduction to the concept of a CID, were presented to the community at a public meeting in August 2018.

Thereafter the group of champions (the Steering Committee) drew up a five-year business plan and budget indicating how the improvements were to be achieved. This was presented to the community at a public meeting in May 2019 after which property owners were lobbied for their support with more than 60% needing to give their written consent for the CID to be established. Fortunately, this threshold was achieved and the formal application was submitted to the City of Cape Town which duly approved it.

Once SEBCID had been established, the Steering Committee began implementing the business plan to improve Public Safety, care for and manage our Environment and fulfil a Social Responsibility role in our community. In accordance with CID policy, a meeting was held in December 2020 for the community to formally elect a Board of Directors to manage the CID.

All information relating to our CID can be found on this website including presentations from all public meetings, our business plan and budget, all regular communications and numerous useful contacts.

Should you need any assistance in navigating this website or finding the information you require, don't hesitate to contact us at

Remember to become a member in order to vote on matters relating to our CID! Forms and further information below.

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Please note if your property is held in the name of a corporation or trust, supporting documentation is required. Please feel free to use the resolution templates we have provided below and remember to provide the relevant letters of authority.

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This is a group for residents of Scott Estate & Baviaanskloof, Hout Bay and also for visitors. We share information that is useful to our neighbours. Visit the Facebook Group page if you would like to join.


We would like to hear your suggestions for improving our community, as defined by the CID demarcated area. Please bear in mind that when making constructive suggestions, they need to be within the framework of the policies and by-laws of the City of Cape Town. For ease of reference, you can click here to view the policies and by-laws on the City of Cape Town website. If you have suggestions please send via email and they will be collected for comment and/or implementation


We welcome any questions which may assist you in understanding matters better during this process. Email Us with any questions you may have.


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  1. Keep a list of emergency numbers close to your phone.
  2. Ensure that there is adequate lighting around the boundary of your property as this acts as a deterrent to potential intruders.
  3. Invest in a good security system and maintain in good working order.
  4. Always check the legitimacy of clipboard strangers wanting to gain access to your property. Ask for identity and check.
  5. Never disclose that you are home alone, especially on social media.

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